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The goal of this wiki is to collate a set of open problems in sub-linear algorithms and to track progress that is made on these problems. Important topics within sub-linear algorithms include data stream algorithms (sub-linear space), property testing (sub-linear time), and communication complexity (sub-linear communication) but this list isn't exhaustive. Indeed many of the early problems were posted at related workshops. We invite you to add further questions and update the wiki when progress is made on existing questions.


Aug 28, 2019: Open problems from two workshops have been posted: the 2018 Workshop on Data Summarization at the University of Warwick and the 3rd Workshop on Local Algorithms at ETH Zurich.

Jun 13, 2019: The webpage has been updated to the 1.31 branch of MediaWiki. Please email us at if you notice any problems.

Nov 08, 2017: A list of open problems from Frontiers in Distribution Testing, a workshop at FOCS 2017, has been posted.

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